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There are many free and very good applications available that can help you develop your website. Below is a list of free web based apps and desktop programs that can be downloaded.


Graphics Editor


inkscapeInkscape is a very sophisticated and powerful PC desktop application you can download and use for free. It can open and create many types of image files including SVG (scalable vector graphic) which is the ideal type of image file that works in "layers" of graphic objects and text. There is a community of users, a gallery of images, online tutorials and Youtube video tutorials.





google analyticsGoogle Analytics  is a web based analytics application that has a free version that has many features whereby you can gain a good insight into how your website is performing. You will need to open a free Google account if you don't have one already. Dont forget to exclude your own WAN IP (external IP address) by adding a filter in the Admin section. Some of the many features are listed below.

  • Real time live view
  • Demographics of your visitors
  • Geographical location of visitors displaying new users, bounce rate, session duration, page views.
  • Visitor behavior such as engagement and return visitors.
  • Traffic sources and different channels.


piwikPiwik is an open source and free to use analytics software you can install onto your web server. There are minimum requirements for the PHP version and MySQL database version for your web server so you should see the FAQ page before installing.



awstatsAWStats is very good for basic web statistics where you can easily view data on visitors, robots, page views, external links to your website and much more. If you are using cPanel as your Hosting Control Panel then AWStats should be available. It is an open source project and you can use the software for free.


SEO Tools


screaming frogScreaming Frog  is a desktop application you install on your computer. There is a free version that will crawl up to 500 URL's with limited features and a professional version available via a yearly subscription. This application is a Spider that can crawl your website and create lists of very useful information. The following lists a few features available with the free version.

  • Checks all internal links for images, web pages, css and javascript files and produces a report. This is especially useful to see if your pages and images have any broken links.
  • Verifies all external links to other websites that you have included in your website. This ensures that if an external website has deleted a page you have previously linked then you will be able to detect this easily and fix the broken link.
  • Creates a sitemap.xml file that meets international standards. It exports the file to your computer and you simply upload that to the root folder of your website. Run this whenever you have created more pages and the sitemap needs updating.
  • Lists the meta descriptions for each page which is useful to know how other web crawlers index your pages.


Web Coding


web inspector

The Mozilla Firefox web browser has a web inspector tool within the browser where you can modify the HTML and CSS local copy of the currently displayed web page. This is very useful in modifying parts of the page to debug issues you are having without having to change code on your live website. You can also test how the page would look, for example, with different size fonts, colors and just about anything else. This will give you an idea of what changes to make in your real code on the web server side.

The HTML code is in the left window pane and the CSS code in the right window pane. Simply click into any element and start typing your changes. Other web browsers have the same type of tool. In Firefox go to the top menu   Tools-> Web Developer-> Inspector  to display in the bottom half of the web page.


codepenCodePen is a free to use web based environment for HTML, Javascript, and CSS where you can test code and see the live results displayed within the browser. It is ideal for developing snippets of code and debugging script in a separate environment to your live website.



jsfiddle logoJSFiddle is another excellent free web based environment for HTML, Javascript, and CSS where you can test code.




Color Tools



A color palette generator using your uploaded digital photo. Extracts a five color palette from the image and displays the result as color hex codes. Very useful for matching web colors on a page to suit the image.


Another color palette generator but this one uses a url to the image you want to extract a 5 palette display in dull and vibrant colors.


A simple and easy to use random color scheme generator. Click on the start generator button and press your PC space bar to generate different schemes. Copy the color hex values to use in your website.


This sophisticated color scheme generator has several methods of creating different types of color schemes but is also easy to use. Produces a wide range of color hex and RGB values.

Adobe Explore

Displays a never ending page of user pre-generated color schemes. Simply scroll down the page.


Classical and Web Safe colors can be easily generated using this tool. Several variations of color schemes such as pastel and pale, hard to soft can be produced.

Design School

Examples of various website color schemes are displayed along with the color hex values.

Shopify Schemes

Examples of various website color schemes are displayed along with the color hex values.


A long list of various website color scheme examples are displayed along with the color hex values.

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