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How To Create A WordPress Website

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Templates are a very important part of designing your website pages and which one to use should be carefully considered. It could be difficult to change to another template at a later stage and may or may not be a seamless process, but this depends on many factors. Templates are usually designed around particular themes and can be selected depending on what type of business or service you are providing. It can also be designed to work with a particular CMS. A template would typically be downloaded from various web sites which offer free or paid downloads. It would be installed into your CMS and selected as the active template.


How Do Web Templates Work?

When creating your content such as articles, it would have a position selected on where to place it on the template. Any menus, image sliders, and footers etc. would also have a default or nominated position on the template. The methods used varies considerably depending on the CMS you are using and the template. Modern templates should be responsive to the type of display used such as a PC screen, tablet or smart phone. Responsiveness allows the page to be created and displayed on the device with good dimensions and showing the correct content order.


There are also applications that are a template framework where you can modify compatible templates instead of having a static template, although most static templates do have some basic options. A template framework can have features such as modifying the arrangement of module positions which allows the web page to take on a different structure. Examples would be where you can have menus, text content, sliders, breadcrumb, footers etc. in any position and be able to move the positions on the page until you are happy with the look. Other features could be where you add extra module positions to have more rows and columns and be able to turn any module position on or off depending on what device the page is being displayed on such as a mobile phone, tablet or PC screen. Some more sophisticated template frameworks allow you to easily change such things as content and heading fonts and sizes instead of having to modify script code manually. The template framework application is embedded into the Content Management System (CMS) as an extension of the system and is designed to work only in your selected CMS.


Pages of content you have created are typically stored in the database on the Server. The content would be articles of text, menus, scripts, etc. stored in the database and photos as separate image files. You do not write the HTML script, it is performed automatically when you write articles or whatever is required by using a document writing program in the CMS. The CMS converts it to HTML, writes in any links to images you have included with the text and stores the data into the database on the Server. When an Internet visitor goes to your website, the CMS will load the template, read the content from the database and build the web pages dynamically. The result will be fully formed pages of HTML script that is sent to the visitors Internet browser. The browser then interprets the script, loads any images and displays the page to the visitor. That is a very simplistic description and a great deal more actually occurs.


Before using a Wordpress or Joomla template on your website you can have in checked for quality and malware by using the ThemeCheck website.


templatemonsterCMS templates for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Moto. Responsive Web templates and eCommerce templates for several popular online store platforms. Easily search for your ideal template using the many category themes and the CMS or eCommerce platform of your choice.

JoomshaperResponsive Joomla! templates, some free and others a paid subscription. The free Helix3 Template Framework integrates into the Joomla Content Management System and allows you to control and customize your template to create a beautiful website that is device responsive and mobile friendly.

dreamtemplateFree and subscription templates with thousands to choose from for various industries and categories. There are also live previews of the templates showing device responsive layouts with all the different styles available and types of pages that can be created.

Above are some popular Web Template vendors. You can read the disclosure regarding these promoted sites.


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