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How To Create A WordPress Website

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What Are Template Builders?

Template Builders are frameworks for creating a template that can be used in a website. Some are web based applications integrated into a CMS and others are computer programs where the completed template is uploaded to the website.


webpage sketchSketch out a layout on paper on how you want your template content to be positioned on a web page. You would typically have the main landing page a different layout to the other pages of the website.

Common positions on a template would be a logo at the top, a slider of moving photos and text, the main content, a search box, social media icon link section, one or more menus for navigation, a breadcrumb section showing current location in the website, a login section if your customers have accounts, and a footer at the bottom of the page showing other links and general website information.

You should be able to replicate the layout in a template builder so ensure the application is sophisticated enough to produce what you require.




This framework has been developed by Joomshaper for the Joomla CMS. The Helix framework is free to download into your own website. Some templates are supplied for free and premium themed templates are available on a paid subscription. This website is developed using the Helix 3 framework. Joomshaper also has a drag and drop Page Builder for Joomla!


Template Toaster

Download this computer application and create templates for Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce and Virtuemart. Also allows for designing Blogger and HTML5/CSS5 templates. Use drag and drop to create a responsive web template. You can download free to try and activate later to either the standard and professional editions of the software.



Developers with technical knowledge use Bootstrap for developing websites. It has a large set of tools so that anyone developing a website does not need to create code from scratch. Content Management Systems may also use these tools and integrate it into their system. Download and install the Boostrap framework files into your domain directory (folder) and start coding. Knowledge of how to code in HTML, CSS and javascript is required.



Studiopress uses its Genesis Framework to make WordPress easier to use. There is advanced SEO with sitemap and robots.txt generation for Google and others to index your site , asynchronous JavaScript for fast page load times, breadcrumb title control for easy page navigation for visitors, AMP support for fast page display on mobile phones, and more. There is a Content plan and a Commerce plan available that can be billed quarterly or on a cheaper yearly plan.


Cherry Framework

Cherry is an open source framework built on Wordpress which is free to download and install on your website.


Hybrid Core

Created by ThemeHybrid, Hybrid Core is a Wordpress Theme Framework which is free and open source. It is promoted as being loaded with many developer-friendly features.



This open source framework is designed by RocketTheme to be used with Wordpress, Joomla and Grav Content Management Systems. It is designed to easily develop and modify themes for your website. Download and use on your website.


Joomlart T3

Joomlart have developed a Joomla Template Framework built with Bootstrap 3 and used with their JA Purity Templates. Create responsive websites for all types of devices. There are a few free templates and many premium templates sold as a subscription service.


Warp Framework

The Warp Framework is developed by YooTheme and is designed for use in the Joomla and Wordpress Content Managment Systems. There is a Basic, Standard and Developer membership plan available for either Joomla or Wordpress. Plans are based on how many sites you are planning to use the themes.


Gavern Framework

Designed to use in Joomla and Wordpress by Gavick. Plans available are a Single theme download, All themes. There is also a V.I.P support plan as an extra if required. The other plans have support via the support forum.



This framework has been created by Joomlashack to be used with Joomla. It is designed using Bootstrap so you can create responsive web pages.


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