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How To Create A WordPress Website

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Why Use A Store Builder?

Store Builders are an alternative to maintaining your own website with on-line shopping eCommerce software. If you only need to sell goods and services then having an on-line store front could be the best solution as you will not need to worry about payment gateways or have any technical knowledge in using a dedicated eCommerce portal. The software is maintained and supported by the vendor and is hosted on their servers. On-line stores on-going fees cost more than a regular website but offer dedicated service and support.

Things to consider are ongoing transaction fees per sale, ability to upgrade to a higher plan seamlessly, ability to use your own existing domain name, sales tax calculations, realtime shipping quotes, mobile apps, extra charges for bandwith usage , is a Point Of Sale system available if required, how much you can customize your storefront, and a lot more.

Some Website Builders have an eCommerce solution that can be less expensive and may possibly be suitable for your needs but you need to be aware of extra fees for payment gateways etc. and if features important to your business model are available.

Building an on-line shopping website using your existing website and CMS will be cheaper but may not have all the features, options and support available. A dedicated store builder can provide a complete eCommerce solution with various plans to suit your current and future needs. Using a shopping add-on to an existing website can have security issues for you and your customers as you are hosting the software on your own domain. The setup and maintenance can take up substantial time and it could lead to technical difficulties with such things as payment gateways. Support could be limited or non-existent which means you could lose customers and your reputation would suffer if your website is down.

If you have no experience in selling on-line and have only a few products then starting your business with eBay or Facebook using the Shopify Lite plan or other similar portal would be a low-cost alternative and you will be able to test your products before going big time.


shopify logo On-line Store options ranging from a Lite plan for selling on Facebook, Shopify Basic, Shopify, Shopify Advanced and Enterprise solutions. There is also a Point Of Sale system to accept credit cards, anytime, anywhere and on any device such as a tablet or mobile phone.

volution logoA 14 day free with no commitment trial is available. Paid plans come in a Mini, Plus, Pro, and Premium with a dedicated account manager. Be able to sell directly on major channels like Facebook, Amazon and eBay which are all synced with your Volusion store.

Above are some popular Store Builders. You can read the disclosure regarding these promoted sites.


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