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Why Do You Need A Web Hosting Control Panel?

Maybe you don't actually need a Web Hosting Control Panel, but it does provide huge advantages. It's a matter of preference if you need control over a Web Server or just use a "Cloud" based service.


Your Web Server, or more likely your Shared Web Server, contains your domains, directories and files, databases, email accounts, management tools, anti-virus software, software, statistic applications,  and more. All of these components need to be managed using a Web Hosting Control Panel which is an application with a graphical interface. You would typically be the end-user website owner and the website hosting provider that you signed up with would provide a hosting control panel such as the widely used cPanel on Linux type Web Servers. Before choosing a website hosting provider, you should ensure they provide a good control panel if you require control over your web server.


The hosting service may not provide a Web Hosting Control panel and you may only need "Cloud" based website hosting, especially if you do not want to manage your web server and just concentrate on website content using your Web CMS. The "Cloud" based hosting service will provide the setup and configuration. This type of service is only available to some website CMS like WordPress and Wix.


Other tools that can be useful are FTP client software running on your computer that can be used for transferring files up to your Web Server. This would typically be used for large files, digital photos and graphic images that you have created and need to upload. The CMS and also the Control Panel may have an upload function but using FTP clients such as the free to use FileZilla application from your desktop computer will ensure the data arrives without corruption. Web browser type uploads do not verify file integrity but can usually be successful for uploading a few small files at any one time.



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