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How To Create A WordPress Website

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Compress Content

Within cPanel or whatever you have for your website control panel you should have an option for Website Optimization which turns on Gzip compression.

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Compression of your website content occurs before it is sent to your visitors web browser. A browser will then de-compress the content and display the page. This is a very effective method of speeding up page load times for your visitors. It works on content that is compressible such as the HTML, CSS etc. that originates from your web server. It will not work on JPEG image files because these are already in a compressed format. Options for compression should include the different file (MIME) types such as text, html text, plain text, xml. Making your web server compress "All" types may not be effective, especially if you have many .JPG image files.


Alternatively, if you are using Joomla! for the CMS then there is an inbuilt option for website compression you can turn on. From "Global Configuration", click on the "Server" tab, select "Yes" for Gzip Page Compression, then "Save & Close".  If your CMS is WordPress then it requires a plugin to be installed and configured to be able to turn on Gzip.

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