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How To Create A WordPress Website

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Wordpress Plum Template

Add this script into a CSS plugin to modify the "Plum" Wordpress template into a full width template which allows background image rows to display edge to edge on all web pages. Ideal for parallax effect.
Visit the Youtube video WebBurble Channel for complete details on building a website using this free template by InkHive.

/* Just show the site logo and social icons top part of template and not any of the image for all pages except Home page */

/* Search displays on the very top of the page temporarily displacing the #masthead */
#jumbosearch .form {
margin-top: 10px;

/* Full width web page */
/* You may need to add left and right padding in the Row Layout for any individual articles in the Pages for extra padding.*/

/* Full width Page rows (padding works on all except page rows, i.e. works on menu and logo ) */
padding:0% 10% 0% 10%; /*pad the left and right of the web page menu and logo so it does not go to the far ends */

/* Padding for all pages for main content. Any extra padding can be added using the Row Layout in the Pages if required. Remove this block of code if you want to have all content on pages edge to edge. */
padding: 0 10%;

/* Padding for post article blog list*/
padding: 0 20%;

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