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 Six  Steps  In  Creating  A  Website 

domain name

Register a Domain Name

A domain name will be your World Wide Web address, so choose one carefully. Usually it would be your company name, brand name, services you provide, or something imaginative and catchy. Read more about domain names...

Select a Content Management System

This will be the platform for building your website. The CMS is software that runs on a web server that helps you manage your site and construct your web pages. There are several popular ones to choose which are also free. Read more on selecting a CMS...
web host

Choose a Web Host Providor

Your website needs to be located on a web server computer somewhere in the world. Choose a hosting service that can provide the types of services you require. There are many well known and good providers out there. Read more on choosing a good hosting service...
web template

Pick a Web Template

How your website looks will be determined by which template you choose. You will find there are many to pick from which are free, or premium templates for a download fee. Read more on how to pick a good template...
publish content

Publish Content

After writing your articles, creating the menus, uploading and inserting photos, you then publish them into your website. All this can be done within your CMS.  Read more on creating content...

Performance & Enhancement

A great deal more work involved if you want to promote and enhance your new website. Read more on SEO, page speed Optimization, and visitor Analytics, ...


Success For Free !

Well,... almost free.
WebBurble can show you how to build a website for minimal cost. Detailed information, tips and insights on successfully starting the creative process with the advanced stuff explained in easy to understand words and videos. Not only what to do but what to avoid so that you don't end up with problems down the track.

No Need To Get Technical !

There are six steps in creating a beautiful website. Not only a website but how to create a web presence. WebBurble explains how to build a website using methods that do not require technical knowledge, but how to use methods and tools that are powerful and full of features to be able to create a great website. You can gradually get into the technical side later on and start "coding" if you want but dont believe some that say you need to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript to be able to create a powerful website.

Dont Plan To Hit A Wall !

Many people start off well but "hit a wall" because they are not aware of the pitfalls later on when trying to add features that are not able to be implemented due to limitations in the development platform they have chosen. Planning for where you want your website to be in a years time and not just now is critical in saving time, money and avoiding headaches.




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